Service Delivery

How much you can get out of the service each month, by task and time required.

WordPress, Landing Pages & Sales Funnels

We can help you build complete WordPress websites, landing pages, and sales funnels. You can also use the service to deliver white-labeled web design services to your clients.

Here's how quickly we can build:

- Basic WordPress website (3-5 pages + website graphics) - 7 days
- eCommerce website (up to 20 products + website graphics) - 14 days
- Landing Page (unbounce, Thrivethemes etc. + website graphics) - 4 days
- Sales funnel (3-5 steps, Clickfunnels + website graphics) - 14 days

Individual Tasks

Other WordPress, landing page & sales funnel tasks and how quickly we can deliver.

Website speed optimization

2 working days

Small website/landing page edits

1 working day

WordPress Updates & Malware scanning/removal

1 working day

Building & setting Opt-in forms

1 working day

Setting up integrations

1 working day

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Social Media Management

We can help you set up a social media strategy, create engaging posts and schedule them on the social media channels your customers are active.

Here's how quickly we can produce:

- 1 week's worth of social media posts (7 posts, any # of platforms) - 3 days
- 1 month's worth of social media posts (30 posts, any # of platforms) - 2 weeks
- Repurposing/re-sizing 1 week's worth of posts for other platforms (eg. Pinterest) - 1 day/platform
- Repurposing/re-sizing 1 month's worth of posts for other platforms (eg. Pinterest) - 4-5 days/platform

Output: We can design and schedule 60 social media posts or 30 social media posts repurposed/re-sized for 2-3 platforms or any combination in a month.

NOTE: Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin recommends 1080x1080px sizes (for both image & video) and doesn't require repurposing/re-sizing. When we create 1 post in 1080x1080px size, you can publish it on all these 3 platforms without any issue.

Individual Tasks

Other social media management tasks and how quickly we can deliver.


Scheduling 1 month's content

1-2 working days

Building actionable reports

1-3 working days

Finding the best performing posts (optimization)

1 working day

Youtube Playlist creation

1-3 working days (depending on the # of videos)

Adding sub-titles to Youtube/Vimeo etc. videos

1 working day/30 minutes of video

Instagram hashtag research

1-2 working days

Graphic Design & Content Research

We can help you design your blog posts, eBooks, ad creatives, Infographics, powerpoint presentations, etc.

Here's how quickly we can produce:

- 1000-word blog post design (header, up to 3 in-line graphics) - 3 days
- 10-page eBook design - 1 week
- 1 Facebook ad creative (with 2 versions) - 2 days
- Infographic (up to 10 points) - 4-5 days
- Powerpoint presentation for sales pitches, conferences, webinars, etc. (up to 10 slides) - 4-5 days
- Blog post topic research - 3 days
- Audio/video to blog post transcription (up to 15 minutes) - 1 day

Output: We can design up to 7x 1000-word blog posts or 4x 10-page ebooks or 1x 40-page ebooks or 11x 2 versions of Facebook ad creatives or 5x infographics or 5x presentations or 8x blog post topics research or any combination in a month.

Requirement Based Tasks

The tasks below are purely requirement/work-based and we cannot say how long they might take.
These tasks cannot be done in a day or a set of consecutive days and often involve multiple people and their opinions.


Outreaching your industry influencers to schedule an interview with you (for interview-type posts)
Requires these influencers to schedule calls with you


Creating expert roundup posts
Requires these experts to respond


Outreaching for guest posting opportunities
Requires these websites to respond and accept your request


Forwarding interested cold email leads to you
Requires prospects to respond


Appointment setting
Requires email correspondence with the leads


WordPress website bug fixing
Depends on the bug



These tasks are prorated by time and we can only execute 1 task at a time.

For example -> Let's say you need help with 2 tasks, cold email outreach (lead generation) and social media management. You can either get us to outreach to 900-1000 prospects to generate 5-10 leads a month OR design & publish 60 social media posts in the same month, but NOT BOTH.

If you want to get both done in the same month, here're your 2 options.


Option #1

One is to reduce the quantity of these 2 tasks, so instead of outreaching to 900-1000 prospects in 30 days, we can outreach to 400-500 prospects in 15 days and generate 3-5 leads, instead of 5-10.

The rest 15 days in the same month can be used to design & publish 30 social media posts, instead of 60.

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