The Easiest Podcast Editing Service.

With Kaitsta, you only need to focus on recording quality episodes, we take care of the rest.

With Kaitsta, you only need to focus on recording quality episodes, we take care of the rest.

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We all know that compared to recording an episode, editing them is NO FUN.

If you’re a content creator or business owner, editing your podcasts just isn’t the best use of your time. You’ve got better things to do.

But hiring an editor to do it for you is like taking on another employee – and often an expensive one.

There’s never been a simple way to hand over your raw podcast audio for editing, without a bunch of extra legwork.

Until now…

How can Kaitsta help you?

Podcast Editing

Right after you click the “Stop Recording” button on your podcast episode, send us your raw files and we will do the following.

We can fully edit your podcast episodes by:

  • Adding intro/outro
  • Adjusting audio glitches
  • Volume balancing
  • Removing any background static noise
  • Improving audio quality
  • Removing filler words
  • Removing repeat words
  • Removing retakes

We can create animated audiograms for social media from your podcast episodes.

Resize them to suit various social media channels (Eg. square size for Instagram, rectangular for LinkedIn etc.)

We can extract quotes from your episodes, and use them to design beautiful social media graphics that you can use to promote your podcast episodes.

We can write a 400-word quality show notes including all the references mentioned in the episode, with perfect grammar and plagiarism check.

NOTE: We do NOT write your episode titles.

We can publish your edited podcast episodes on your favorite hosting platform.

Before Editing

After Editing

Social Media Visuals

Get social media visuals like audiograms and quote cards for your podcast episodes.

Sample Audiogram

Sample Audiogram

Sample Quote Card

Sample Quote Card

Our Work

Podcast Editing


Quote Cards

Case Studies

         Kaitsta is an absolute godsend. It helped me plan out my digital marketing activities and execute them.

Caroline Falkiner

Founder, naveze.com

Plans & Pricing​

No contract. 14 day money back guarantee. Cancel anytime.



USD, inclusive of all taxes.



USD, inclusive of all taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can request as many tasks and revisions as you like and our team will work on them every business day.

But it’s important to note that we work on one task at a time.

You can queue as many tasks as you like and as soon as we’ve completed one task for you, we’ll get started on the next one right away.

If you would like more than one task done at any given time, you can subscribe to multiple Unlimited plans that come with a 15% recurring discount. You can find out more about this by speaking to one of our friendly team members through the chat icon.

The turnaround for your tasks depends on certain factors – mainly the complexity of the task.

Here’re a few real examples of what some of our customers got done in a month:

  • Video/podcast editing – A customer sent us a dump of 7 pre-recorded podcasts and got all of them edited in a month.
  • Graphic Design – One customer sent us all the photos and videos he captured from an event and got 60 social media visuals created in a month.
  • WordPress – Another customer used the service to migrate 130 blog posts from one website to another in a month. This is not just export and import; we actually created each blog post manually, added the content, set the images, and published them.

These are some real examples. 

Some customers use the service to create landing and website inner pages, publish blog posts, set up integrations, optimize speed, create webpage graphics, social media visuals, Infographics, PowerPoint presentations and a whole lot more, all on ad-hoc basis.

The key benefit with Kaitsta is that you only need to have one subscription to get a whole lot done, which is not possible elsewhere.

That said, if your tasks are particularly complex or need special knowledge, this will affect how many tasks we can complete for you.

Once we get a feel for your style, the tools you use, and what you look for, delivery times quickly improves.

Your account manager, who’s also a trained professional, will quality-check each task before it gets to you, so you’re never disappointed with the outcome.

All of our professionals are trained in-house and regularly evaluated to ensure they’re delivering high-quality work, every time.

You do! All of our work is customized for you and your brand. You have 100% ownership of the IP, workflows and any other material we create as a part of the service.

This also includes the files we create, modify as required by the tasks. Plus, all the deliverables.

Our entire team works from our office based in India, and we’re available from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM IST.

But you can always submit your requests 24/7 via our customer portal and our customer support is available 24/5.

All of our professionals are in-house who are regularly assessed for quality and efficiency.

Our office is here: Google Maps

All our plans come with a full 14 days money back guarantee.

If after several tasks, you still don’t think Kaitsta is the right fit for you, we will refund 100% of your initial membership fee.

Why Kaitsta?

Unlimited Requests and Revisions

With Kaitsta you can request as many tasks as needed — even if you’ve already submitted 100. Plus with unlimited revisions, we’ll keep working until it’s perfect.

1-2 Day Turnaround

You want your work done in days, not weeks. With Kaitsta, the turnaround time for most requests is just one or two business days.

Email or In-App Communication

Our intuitive customer portal offers a streamlined way to request new tasks and communicate revisions. You don't even have to log in, to send revisions, just reply via email and get it logged in our customer portal.

24/5 FREE Customer Support

Our customer support team is friendly, personable, and always available to help. You can expect a real human to answer your support questions within two hours.


Edit up to 7 episodes/month
Unlimited Revisions
Social Media Visuals
Publishing Episodes
1-2 Day Delivery
Flat Monthly Fee
Account Manager
Quality Control
Customer Portal
24/5 Email Support
30-day Money-back Guarantee

With Kaitsta you'll never waste another minute editing your podcasts.

Join hundreds of other podcasters who’ve freed themselves from their
energy-draining editing tasks.