Why Pinterest Is The Untapped Social Media Platform For eCommerce Businesses?

Let me ask you a question, why do you go to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter? Why do you maintain these accounts and stay active there? Firstly, it’s because you, as a consumer and not a business owner, want to share your updates with your friends and family, and secondly, it’s because you want to know […]

Social Media Management Company – What They Should ACTUALLY Do?

In the last chapter, we discussed: Who this series is for. How not being active on social media is losing you money. Whether social media can bring you a positive ROI. What should a perfect social media management company offer? The common misconceptions most people have when hiring an SMM company. If you didn’t read […]

Don’t Hire A Social Media Management Agency Without Reading This!

The perfect resource for e-commerce business owners who are looking to hire a social media management agency. This series is full of insights and actionable steps you should take to understand your options, eliminate the false starts, scams, and missteps that come along with it. WHO IS THIS BLOG SERIES FOR? Before diving into the […]