How Caroline Falkiner uses Kaitsta to build her SaaS Startup.


Naveze make Outdoor/Indoor Maps with Digital Wayfinding that are used by locations/events worldwide.


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Queensland, Australia

"Kaitsta started with me at the beginning of my technology journey and then enabled me to grow into the maturity I needed in support to develop the business."

Caroline Falkiner is an open-minded tech enthusiast with an eye for the bigger picture. Her superpower is the ability to see beyond the face value of something—making her an excellent strategist. She leverages these inherent skills to manage the revolutionary digital wayfinding company, Naveze—which she co-founded.

Naveze is an Australia-based SaaS solution (available via website and iOS/Android Apps) that promises to increase the visibility of brands and customers’ experience. The service works by helping users navigate a venue seamlessly with minimal hassle. It creates a beeline to washrooms, exits, and other intricate locations that are not covered by Google maps.

But as with any other successful business, Caroline and her capable team cannot handle all the tasks and activities that arise. To allow her strategic mind to wander and drive Naveze forward, she needs to outsource. And this is where she came across Kaitsta.

The Pre-Kaitsta Hurdles

Caroline is big on meaningful business relationships. She believes that the key to efficiency is clear, seamless communication with suppliers, service providers, and customers. In a way, this is precisely what her company Naveze does – i.e., improving how people interact with a business by helping them navigate the premises beyond Google map directions.

Before she came across Kaitsta, she laments about her disappointing experiences working with different service providers. She points to a gap in delivery and disjointed communication—whereby the digital services she needed were availed as a series of products rather than a continuous process.

For example, outsourcing to one-off freelancing services on platforms such as Upwork exposes businesses to communication barriers due to the lack of a relationship.

The Solution – Kaitsta as the "Conduit"

After trying other graphic design and editing services unsuccessfully, Caroline stumbled upon Kaitsta. She was immediately drawn in by the company’s approach to meeting her business needs. Kaitsta made an effort to build a relationship with her business. 

And best of all, they stood out as a reliable one-stop-shop to meet her needs – i.e., no more stressing over dealing with tons of different services.

She recounts,

“If there’s a gap between me and the person doing the work, having Kaitsta in the middle as a sort of conduit smooths the gap between what I’m trying to articulate and what you are hearing me ask for.”

More of a Partner than a Client

Time and again, businesses tend to treat clients as nothing more than another money-making avenue. But according to Caroline, that’s not Kaitsta.

“Having one organization that you learn with and continue to work with is invaluable… It’s just like any relationship. You spend time understanding how someone thinks. So then it’s a lot easier to get going,” she says. 

“You guys [Kaitsta] are very dedicated to ensuring that the communication continues to improve and be more efficient.”

According to Caroline, she chose and decided to stick with Kaitsta for the long-haul because they understood her and her journey.

“You’re along for the whole journey. So there’s a continuity of understanding of what I’m trying to achieve, which goes from my back office to feel like my front office.”

“…as my knowledge and expertise grew about what I wanted to do with my digital presence, Kaitsta was there ready to step up and say, yes, I’ve got to do this for you. Have you thought about that, Caroline? I wouldn’t do it this way. We think this is a better way of doing it.”

In a nutshell, Kaitsta takes a business partner’s role—cheering you on during your achievements and helping you up when the going gets tough.

Jack of all Trades; Master of All – A "Powerhouse of Resources"

Kaitsta markets itself as the go-to source of unlimited graphic design, video/podcast editing, and WordPress tasks as a service for a flat monthly fee. And if the experience of Caroline is anything to go by, Kaitsta lives up to its promises.

With a sigh of relief, she mentions,

“So the thing I like about Kaitsta is it’s a one-stop-shop. You know, you can do my website to my social media and digital marketing assets. So I don’t have to keep briefing different things.”

Caroline goes on to describe Kaitsta as a “powerhouse of resources.” The platform offers a diverse host of services to meet most—if not all—of an organization’s graphic design, editing, and website needs.

“…the diversity of what I can have done is really useful.”

Value for Money

Caroline asserts that one of the main reasons she would recommend Kaitsta is for the value of money offered by the company.

The unspoken golden rule of any business is to leverage a service whose value far outweighs the cost. In the case of Kaitsta, the value they bring to the table is a combination of quality services, professional supplier-customer relationships, and responsiveness.

“The quality is excellent. It’s made me more precise about what I want, which obviously makes a better outcome for me.”

It’s safe to say that Caroline and the Naveze team plan to leverage the versatility and meaningful relationship built with Kaitsta to scale their business to new heights.

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