Online Influencer Relies on the “Surgical Efficiency” of Kaitsta to Elevate His Brands.


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You guys have actually inspired me to think differently. Previously, I was limited in what my agency and what my graphics people could actually produce for me. And so I wasn't inspired to think beyond that. Now that I know I have you guys as a resource. It just seems like it just comes more freely to me. I’ve been able to come up with some other ideas to elevate my brands.

Jay Campbell often has to wear many hats as he juggles a handful of responsibilities as an online influencer, a well-regarded expert on health, consciousness, and hormone optimization, an international bestselling author, and owner of Aseir Custom (a cosmeceutical peptides company).

He banks the success of his businesses on efficiency, conscious communication, and unquestionable quality. For this, he leverages Kaitsta’s ability to handle his graphic design and social media content creation tasks.

The Challenges

Success as an entrepreneur or business owner often comes from spending your valuable time doing what you’re good at – i.e., the core activities that trigger growth. But then again, businesses—especially startups or those in the growth stage—typically have a lot of moving parts.

In Jay’s case, he needs content written for his social media accounts, posts scheduled, graphics designed, and speaking presentations nailed down, among other day-to-day technical tasks. Every minute spent working on such tasks that are outside of your skillset means time spent inefficiently. Attempting to do it all only stalls the growth of the business.

But outsourcing your business processes and tasks is one thing, the service delivery of the company or agency you outsource to is a whole ‘nother beast. You need a partner who plays into your business needs; one that aligns with your goals. Jay found this partner in Kaitsta—but he had to ‘kiss some frogs before finding his prince’.

Jay initially worked with a “much more expensive agency that I used for a long time but didn’t serve me at the end.” He goes on to point out that, “they would always overpromise and underdeliver. It finally got to the point where I said, ‘I’m not doing this anymore, because I don’t know what I’m paying you for’.”

Jay’s needs are (and have always been) clear: To get a reliable and trustworthy third-party service provider that delivers top-quality work and communicates consciously—all while providing value for money.

He didn’t find this elsewhere and it limited or stalled the growth of his personal brand and company (Aseir Custom). Well, that soon changed when his stars aligned after coming across Kaitsta. As Jay mentions, “there are no coincidences in the universe, only synchronicitiesyou responded really quickly. And I really liked your work. And here we are.

The Solution – The Kaitsta Experience – Soar Higher Riding on the All-in-One Platform

“For what you guys deliver, there’s no better value. You’re doing everything. I mean, most people that are like me, (i.e., entrepreneurs with multiple income streams, eCommerce businesses, etc.) have so many moving pieces, and you guys pretty much have fit into a niche that offers a little bit of everything… I can’t recommend someone more strongly because you fit in almost every criterion.”

Kaitsta offers Jay a unique opportunity to outsource not just one, but all of his business’s mundane (albeit essential) activities in the all-in-one platform. And as Jay puts it, this is done with surgical precision. That’s the Kaitsta experience, and it allows Jay to spend his time more efficiently doing what he loves, what he’s skilled at, and what is necessary to take his offerings to the next level.

Video Posts we've Created for Jay's Social Media

Including video editing, captions and publishing.

Conscious Communication

“The number one thing for me is conscious communication. You guys have always communicated to me efficiently with speed…you are responsive, you respond fast, and you respond efficiently. And you’re also very transparent. That goes a long way with me.”

Communication is fundamentally important to business success – and Jay Campbell understands this all too well. As a champion of truth who doesn’t hold back when it comes to saying things as they are, Jay Campbell expects the same level of authenticity, conscious communication, and honesty from business partners.

After having to deal with the frustrations related to poor communication while working with another social media content creation and graphic design agency, Jay found relief with Kaitsta. This comes down to three values:

  • Fast communication – which Kaitsta prides itself in regardless of time zone differences.
  • Truthful communication
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity

Value for money

Most (if not all) businesses are in the ‘business of making money’. It’s a delicate balance between genuinely helping customers meet their needs through your products/services and making enough profits to keep things running.

Outsourcing is one way to reduce business costs—especially when you work with a third-party company that offers value for money. Working with Kaitsta meant that Jay Campbell could have peace of mind knowing that he’s getting top-quality services for what would be considered a cut-price.

Consistent High Standards of Quality

That [Kaitsta’s service delivery] to me is efficiency and being very precise. Surgically is a word I like to use when someone is truly honed in on the needs, wants, and concerns of their customer—and is going above and beyond to deliver.”

Outsourcing a task to a third party should be about improving the quality of work. You’re basically bringing in a team that is already well-trained, talented, and experienced to handle your tasks at a favorable cost.

If you have the right team in your corner, outsourcing means increased quality of work at a reduced cost. It’s the epitome of a win-win situation.

As a well-known and well-regarded expert on hormones, health optimization, and consciousness, Jay expects nothing but high-quality content. With regard to social media content creation service, Kaitsta not only ticked this box but also delivered content and graphics that aligned with Jay’s voice and brand. It’s about getting into the client’s shoes and delivering work that exceeds their expectations.

As Jay puts it, “you [Kaitsta] don’t stop. Even when you initially deliver something to me that’s good, you’ll sometimes say, ‘you know what, it’s not good enough’ and you improve on it.”

Coupled with clear communication to nail down the requirements, a talented team that is more than capable, and effective internal quality control to ensure the same level of quality is maintained, Kaitsta guarantees consistent high standards of quality.

“You guys have gone above and beyond in delivering customer service. And I know that you and your team are working extremely hard on my behalf. And I’m very grateful for that.”

Break Down Boundaries and Take Your Business to the Next Level with Kaitsta.

It’s more efficient to spend your time and energy doing something that plays to your skillset.

In Jay’s case, outsourcing to Kaitsta inspired him to explore more options and scale his businesses.

You guys [Kaitsta team] have actually inspired me to think differently. Previously, I was limited in what my agency and what my graphics people could actually produce for me. And so I wasn’t inspired to think beyond that. Now that I know I have you guys as a resource. It just seems like it just comes more freely to me. I’ve been able to come up with some other ideas [to elevate my brands].”

To sum it up, working with Kaitsta is a win-win situation for Jay and other business owners looking for podcast/video editing services, graphic design, WordPress/Webflow tasks, and social media content creation services.

Jay Campbell is a testament to the benefits of outsourcing to the right third-party service provider—and you can also be part of the Kaitsta experience. Avoid stress, save money, scale your business, and spend your time/energy on things that you enjoy.

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