Business podcast – Why should every business start one?

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Business podcast - Why should every business start one

Looking for a new and convenient way to generate leads for your business? In need of a strategy that will help build closer relationships with your audience?

As a founder or head of marketing, you’re always on the lookout for new marketing ideas. And podcasting could be the promotion tool your business needs. It is an inexpensive yet powerful avenue for relaying your message to your target audience.

And with over 120 million people listening to podcasts, it’s an excellent medium for your business to gain new potential customers.

Why Should Every Business Start A Podcast?

Because podcasting is an opportunity to convert your ideas into easily consumable content. And if you play your cards right, it can allow you to build trust and prove your credibility.

Not convinced enough? Here are more reasons why you should consider starting a business podcast.

1. Podcasts Are Cheap To Produce.

Podcasts Are Cheap To Produce

Starting a podcast doesn’t require you to spend a fortune. You only need a microphone, a quiet room, and a host. The recording and editing process also doesn’t require hiring a third party— unless you can afford one. Time is the only factor you need to incorporate. Just like that, you’ll have high-quality audio content that will help your business immeasurably.

2. Podcasting Turns You Into An Expert.

Podcasting Turns You Into An Expert

Podcasts don’t limit you to how many minutes or hours long they can be. However, you must prove your credibility and trust regardless of your chosen period.

One way you can achieve this is by providing well-researched information useful to the people in your niche. Similarly, in-depth research allows you to go deep on the subject while recording your podcast. This will help affirm the audience of your expertise.

A customer who feels that you are an expert in your niche may feel safe spending their money on your services or products.

Tip: It’s important to ensure you don’t lose your listener’s attention even as you try covering wide topics. Also, use a language that will hook them to always tune in to your podcast episode.

3. Podcasts Give You A Chance To Understand Your Business Better.

Podcasts Give You A Chance To Understand Your Business Better

Each business podcast episode you make requires a catchy title. And to achieve one, you’ll need to segment your business’s several aspects into chunks that your audience can consume. For this reason, you’ll need to dive into piles of research. As you do so, you may not realize it, but you may gain new ideas and inspiration for running the business better. In fact, you may notice loopholes in your business, solving them before they shoot.

Your research helps you understand your business better. So, as you present your podcast, you do it confidently. Your audience will be more convinced to visit your website and make a purchase.

4. It Paves The Way For You To Reach New Audiences.

4. It Paves The Way For You To Reach New Audiences.

Your business may already have existing customers. However, there is still a need to engage them even more. And a business podcast can help you do this to a point of turning them into your brand advocates.

A business podcast also allows you to attract new potential customers.

For Example: hosting platforms like Captivate.fm or Buzzsprout give you a chance to upload your show on Apple Podcasts. Once uploaded, Apple Podcast acts as a search engine and allows people searching for podcasts covering topics in your niche to find you.

5. It’s A Great Way To Connect With Your Customers.

It’s A Great Way To Connect With Your Customers

Podcasting requires excellent communication skills. With these skills, you can make the customer feel like you’re speaking to them directly. This creates a connection that keeps them looking out for every episode you upload.

As they listen and engage with you in your episodes, they gain more trust in your brand since they feel like they know you. An engaging podcast makes the listener even more interested in knowing more about you and what you offer.

In short, the more a person listens to you, the more they gain trust and the higher the likelihood of them following your affiliate links or purchasing your products or services.

6. You Create Reusable Content.

You Create Reusable Content.

Another reason you need a business podcast is that you can repurpose the content you produce and use it on other platforms for promotional purposes.

For Example: You can use teasers or funny audio clips from your podcast on your Instagram to make people aware of your brand.

This helps widen your marketing options hence generating more leads.

You can use these tips to build a loyal audience for your podcast using Instagram.

7. It’s A Great Way To Improve Your Search Rank And Increase Website Traffic.

It’s A Great Way To Improve Your Search Rank And Increase Website Traffic

Your listeners choose to listen to your podcasts because they are interested in the niche you cover in your show. You must leverage this fact by providing valuable content and addressing their pain points.

As your audience interacts with your business podcast episode, they will likely look for a route to access your website. Adding a call to action is an important part you should never miss.

A call to action has two interlinked advantages to your website. One is that it makes it easier for your audience to get to your site. And the second one is that as they go to the site, they help increase the average time spent on your website. These two are among the factors that help rank your website.

Tip: As you publish a new episode, you can publish show notes or a transcript on a dedicated page on your business website. This may help it get indexed by search engines.

8. Unites Internal Teams.

Unites Internal Teams.

Marketing for big companies requires a team. The team should work together to ensure there is a massive production rate. Podcasting is one of the ways you can unite your team. When BrightMove launched the RecruiterCast podcast, the marketing, sales, and leadership teams had to communicate and work as a team.

David Webb, BrightMove CEO and RecruiterCast host, said that the involvement of the entire company “forced us to have conversations as a team about why we podcast. When we produce an episode that isn’t directly benefiting our audience, we realize we need to focus back on the audience’s need to produce great episodes.”

Overall, it is important to have a team that works in unison. The team should prioritize the customer.

9. You Can Reach Busy People.

You Can Reach Busy People.

Most people have no time to read through long business articles. Podcasting is a content channel on the rise. It allows you to consume valuable information even as you go through your day’s activities. In fact, 49% listen to podcasts in cars. So, creating a business podcast can help you reach a wider range.

Final Thoughts

Business podcast

Business podcasts are one of the most convenient ways to build a targeted audience. They are a great addon to your marketing toolbox as they are relatively easy and inexpensive to start. If you are considering setting up a podcast for your business, this is your sign to get going! The potential opportunities are too good to ignore.

Wondering where to start? We have a detailed course on how you can set up a successful podcast from scratch.

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