Get Unlimited Marketing Materials
at a Fixed Monthly Fee.

Boost your sales with perfect digital and print marketing materials.
Simple, fast, and affordable.

Boost your sales with perfect digital and print marketing materials. Simple, fast, and affordable.

Your business goal is to boost your sales, not your Photoshop skills.

If you’re a business owner or a marketing head, spending time learning skills like graphic design, WordPress or video editing, isn’t the best use of your time. You’ve got better things to do.

But hiring employees can become one of the biggest expenses in your business – often time-consuming.

There has never been a simple way to get unlimited digital and print marketing materials for your business, without a lot of hassle.

Until now…

What Marketing Materials
Can We Create?


Need some high-quality graphics for your business? Describe what you need and we’ll get it done in 1-2 business days.

We can help you create graphics for your landing pages, website inner pages, blog posts and for any other needs.

We can help you create visuals for your social media channels, re-size them to fit various dimensions (Eg. square size for Instagram, rectangular for LinkedIn etc.)

We can create visuals for your feed posts, stories and ads. Visual types include photos, videos, carousels, story posts and GIF animations.

We can help you create quality infographics for your content, cut them up to publish on various social media channels.

So you’ll have a visual version of your blog posts, videos or podcasts.

We can help you create PowerPoint presentations like sales decks, presentations for your YouTube videos or any other need.

We can help you create print quality brochures for your business/products and book covers for your hardcover books or virtual eBooks.

We can also help you design your entire eBook (including inner pages)

We can help you create intro animations for your brand’s logo, or GIF animations for your web pages.

This includes GIF animations showing your app functionality.

Videos and Podcasts

Right after you click the “Stop Recording” button on your video or podcast, send us your raw files and we will do the following.

We can help you fully edit your videos for YouTube and podcast episodes.

For videos, we do:

  • Color Grading
  • Transcription/Subtitles
  • Lower Thirds
  • Text Animation Templates
  • Multi-Cam
  • Transitions
  • Chromakey/Green Screen
  • Thumbnails
  • Audio Syncing, Mixing and Editing

For podcasts, we do:

  • Remove filler words
  • Remove repeat words
  • Remove retakes
  • Background static noise removal
  • Improve audio quality
  • Add intro/outro
  • Adjust audio glitches
  • Volume balancing

We can help you create social media posts out of your videos or podcast episodes.

Resize them to suit various social media channels (Eg. square size for Instagram, rectangular for LinkedIn etc.)

For podcasts, we can also create animated audio wave videos that syncs with the voice.

We can write an in-depth quality show notes including all the references mentioned in the episode, with perfect grammar and plagiarism check.

NOTE: We do NOT write your episode titles.

We can help you extract quotes from your guests, and use them to design beautiful social media graphics that you can use to promote your video/podcast.

We can help you design eye catching YouTube thumbnails for your videos.


Spending time constantly optimizing your WordPress/Webflow website for sales? You don’t have to anymore.

We can help you create and edit your WordPress or Webflow based website through out the month.

Edits includes:
  • Install and setup themes*
  • Install and setup plugins*
  • Creating and updating homepage
  • Creating and updating inner pages
  • Changing images/video embeds
  • Publishing blog posts
  • Publishing podcast episodes
  • Edits to headers and footers
  • Changing plugin settings*
  • CSS adjustments

*Do not include custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, or achieving something that is beyond the themes or plugins. We can work with most of the popular themes and plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder etc.

NOTE: We do NOT write content. All text must be provided by you.

We can help you build landing pages on your WordPress or Webflow based website.

Simply send us the content you want on the landing page and we’ll build one in a day or 2.

NOTE: We do NOT write content. All text must be provided by you.

We can help you add, update and manage your products on your websites.

For WordPress, we support WooCommerce and for Webflow, we support their eCommerce feature.

You can get us to do the following:

  • Add and setup products
  • Manage inventory (stock)
  • Add coupon codes
  • Update shopping carts

We can help you setup complex forms with logic and conditions on your website.

NOTE: We need you to buy the form plugins, if necessary.

We can help you set up integrations like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Email marketing tools (ActiveCampaign, mailchimp, hubspot etc.) on your website.

We can help you optimize your website to look pixel perfect on mobile and tablet devices using responsive technology.

We can help you optimize your WordPress website’s page speed.

In most cases, we can get the page speed to less than 2 seconds on Pingdom and GTMetrix.

For WordPress self-hosted websites only.

Customer Support

Offer the Best 24/5 live chat and email customer support to your customers and website visitors.

When you go global your customers are virtually awake 24 hours a day, and we believe that your customer support should be too. That’s why we offer a 24 hours a day, 6 days a week coverage to match up with your customers’ growing needs.
Beat your competition and awe your customers with industry-leading response times. <1 minute for live chats and <1 hour for email tickets.

Customer service is something you have to offer your customers from Day 1 of your business, it maybe via email or live chat.

If you already have a process in place but you know it’s not efficient, we can help you with a free concierge migration.

Your account manager will setup a call with you/your existing customer support team, learn your existing processes and workflows, create new ones that can improve the service quality, train our agents and get them up and running.

Completely free. All you have to do is to give feedback on the training material we’ll create for you and that is it.

Unlike other outsourced customer service providers who require minimum volumes, we’re startup-friendly.

We don’t need you to match our requirements, instead we match your current volume at an unbeatable price.

We hire and train agents on your behalf. To make sure we cover 24 hours, we’ll assign 3 primary agents to your account + 1 backup agent to fill the place of any primary agent who’s on leave.

After we on-board you, your account manager (our team leader) will get on a call with you to learn your existing process, create workflows and a training manual. He/she then trains their team with different mock scenarios to make sure our team is up to the mark.

We know you’re constantly working on growing your business. A planned or un-planned event can trigger an overage in incoming support tickets, event ranging from product launches, media mentions, holiday spikes to product outages, delivery issues, bugs or a negative media coverage.

Whatever happens, we’ve got you covered. Our trained teams can handle 3x the normal volume at no extra cost.

We work directly with the current live chat/email support software you’re using, so your data is protected. Plus, with our weekly and monthly reports, you can be on top of your customer CSATs and other metrics that determine our service quality.
Once our agents takes over your customer support, our quality control team closely monitors each and every response our agents send out. Ensuring quality with every response.

Case Studies

      For what you guys deliver, there’s no better value. You’re doing everything people like me (i.e., entrepreneurs with multiple income streams, eCommerce businesses, etc.) need.

Jay Campbell

Founder, aseircustom.com

      Kaitsta is an absolute godsend. It helped me plan out my digital marketing activities and execute them.

Caroline Falkiner

Founder, naveze.com

Why Kaitsta?

Unlimited Requests and Revisions

With Kaitsta you can request as many tasks as needed — even if you’ve already submitted 100. Plus with unlimited revisions, we’ll keep working until it’s perfect.

1-2 Day Turnaround

You want your work done in days, not weeks. With Kaitsta, the turnaround time for most requests is just one or two business days.

Email or In-App Communication

Our intuitive customer portal offers a streamlined way to request new tasks and communicate revisions. You don't even have to log in, to send revisions, just reply via email and get it logged in our customer portal.

24/5 FREE Customer Support

Our customer support team is friendly, personable, and always available to help. You can expect a real human to answer your support questions within two hours.


Unlimited Marketing Materials
Unlimited Revisions
Wide Skillset
Understands your Business
1-2 Day Delivery
Flat Monthly Fee
Account Manager
Quality Control
Customer Portal
24/5 Email Support
30-day Money-back Guarantee

Fix your Sales Bottleneck.
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